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I am Regina Vitányi, current resident at the artist residency progam of Fresh A.I.R. Berlin. Having spent more than a decade under the far-right government of Hungary, the need to address structural racial and xenophobic issues in Europe became urgent to me. This artistic research is done with the aim of confronting the embedded colonialism, superiorism and discrimination within the European context, and starting a discussion about the needed changes.


Share your opinion!

If you live or recently lived in the EU, select the option which fits you the best below, and fill the questionnare or contact me directly.


If you or somebody close to has left behind any judgemental beliefs at one point in life

If you've ever experienced judgement or misunderstanding based on your nationality or ethnicity

If you have more things to say, and prefer to contact me directly


Why do I talk about this topic?

Hungary is one of the most radically anti-migration countries in the EU. This is the result of 12 years of intense campaigns and progaganda, which has a long-term effect on society: racism (both casually and explicity), xenophobia and deepening systemic inequalities are amongst the consequences.

12 years is half of my lifetime. When this campaign started, I was twelve years old myself, and ever since I've seen the people who surrounded me gradually grow into adults whose worldviews were radicalised by the media. The methods and tools through which this manipulation is done go mostly unrecognised by the people they are used on, therefore I am motivated to create a project which sheds light on such mechanisms.

What is the survey for?

The survey is part of my reseach. It's an important part of my project as I'd like to avoid the outcome to be just my impression on the topic.

The experiences shared through the survey will not be used in a way that reveals the identity of the responder. Please note that some of your answers might get illustrated and become part of the booklet.

I will not get in touch with you after you filled the survey, unless you would like me to. None of your contact information is public to me.

What is the outcome?

The end result of the project is a pocket-sized booklet, which uncovers this issue through experiences and illustrations.

I'm dedicated to create a sincere work, however I know that much more is needed to chance the world. What I hope to contribute is a shared conversation about how we can create a less hostile Europe in the future.

The booklet will be exhibited at Urban Nation Berlin, where it will be distributed for free, in order to make it accessible (the exhibition itself is free to enter as well). The project will not be distributed for profit.

Thank you for considering

being a part of the project!



Regina Vitányi

If you would like to meet me on zoom or in Berlin, feel free to introduce yourself through mail and we'll arrange the meeting when/where it's best for you.

About the residency

Fresh A.I.R. Berlin

You can read about the residency programme through this link:

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