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Estonian folklore

An interactive book with pop-up elements.

When we think of folklore, we depict a thing of the past, labelled objects behind a glass, and traditions which only exist on the countryside. To put it shortly, a shadow of what it used to be. Or is it? My work explores Estonian folklore, intervowing shadows to be part of the book through interactive pop-up pieces which show their true nature when the reader uses flashlight on them. My goal with the shadow pieces was to explore how illustration can expand outside of the book, and can have an animated nature without a screen. The atmosphere is fitting: Estonian folk tales are rather gloomy, painting the picture of forests full of spirits, devils, wandering souls and shadows.

2020, Wrocław
Małgorżata Warlikowska
Exhibited at:
ASP Wrocław,
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There are seven chapters, a pop-up piece belonging to each. The book itself is ~250 pages long, so the pop-ups are designed to have simple structures in order to be compatible with the average thickness of the pages.