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Projects I worked on as an organiser/collaborator

During my stay in Wrocław, I was cooperating with the Wro Media Art Biennale. After two months of preparatory curating workshops our team got the chance to take part in the organisations of the grand scale event, during which we could help assisting the artists, connect with the audience, and learn about the technical background of display.

Some works were "speacial needs" in the sense that their installation required unconventional solutions: for example a movenent-sensing giant robot or a VR installation operating with a slice of a grass field. These artworks needed to be adapted to the given exhibition halls, and the team I was part of was helping in any way that was necessary.

Wrocław, Budapest
WRO Media Art Biennale
Budapest Educatio
Wrocław ASP & Kolejowa
Wro Biennale 2019, Space-Moere Project by ARTSAT x SIAF Lab /Akihiro Kubota, Katsuya Ishida, Daisuke Funato, Norimichi Hirakawa, Kei Komachiya, Photo by Contemporary Lynx
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