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One Minute Stories

A bilingual book with

a hourglass cover.

This is my bilingual edition of a book of one-page novels by István Örkény. I was curious how can I incorporate movement and time into a book, so I turned the cover into a functioning hourglass. The trick is, English texts in the book are printed upside down, so with each "turn" the timer in the cover starts over again.​ The books are handbinded, and were born as a result of a lot of experiments involving sand, seeds and glue. The illustrations in the book are made of different seeds, photographed on a lighttable I built using my chair, some plexi and a table lamp.​ The project won the Ukrainian Book Design Awards & featured on Sagmeister's social media.

2020, Wrocław
Małgorżata Warlikowska
Exhibited at:
ASP Wrocław,
Inner_0004_Levels 1 copy 4.jpg
Inner_0006_Levels 1 copy 6.jpg
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